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Mellie Morton is
Not Imaginary

Twelve year old Mellie Morton has enough trouble navigating

the foster care system and dodging bullies (kids and adults alike).

But when a dare sends her through an empty door frame in a vacant lot,

she discovers a whole new world of problems: now she's stranded

in Otherland, home to the world's myths and legends,

who insist she's made up as well.  

The race is on to find a way home and prove she's real

before someone else decides how her story ends.

In learning what it means to be real, Mellie has a chance to

write her own story, and change both worlds in the process. 

Meet The Characters

Schoolgirl with Books


After bouncing through a string of foster families, Mellie Morton has reached the last stop: a group home, where the chores and criticism are as plentiful as the bullies. And thanks to a bully's dare, she gets trapped in a magic land where everyone insists she's just a story.


She'll need all her skills, including the mistakes she's tried to leave behind,
if she's going to find her way back.

Praise and Awards


Legendary Mellie is the winner of the 2020 Olive Woolley Burt Award for unpublished juvenile novel.

Judges praised Legendary Mellie as

"genuinely funny" and "absolutely delightful". 

Coming in 2024 from Cinnabar Moth Publishing

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