Greyscale Landscape

Relatively Normal Secrets

Tuesday and Zed Furst are perfectly normal children with perfectly strange parents. Their father won't discuss his job, their mother never leaves the house without her guard dog, and the topic of the family tree is off limits.


When a last minute "business trip" gets the adults out of the way, Zed and Tuesday decide to get to the bottom of things once and for all. Too bad some thugs with shape-shifting weapons have other ideas. Their escape leaves them trapped in the modern-meets-medieval Falinnheim, where everyone insists their father is a disgraced fugitive. They hope whoever is leaving them coded clues may have some answers, but they're not sure they're going to like what they learn. 

If they ever want to see their parents again, they'll need the help of a smuggler with a broken compass, their unusually talented dog, some extremely organized bandits, and a selection of suspiciously misquoted nursery rhymes.


Zed and Tuesday may not have all the answers, but one thing is certain—when it comes to normal, everything is relative.

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Meet the Characters

Tuesday June 


Twelve year old Tuesday is certain her

parents are hiding something, and she will

stop at nothing to uncover the truth. 

She may occasionally jump to some outrageous conclusions, but luckily she can

think on her feet and talk her way out of whatever jam she gets herself into.

Reveal her middle name at your own risk.


Falinnheim's quaint turf-covered houses and bustling village markets

seem like something straight out of a fairy tale. 

The robots, holograms, and hover sleds?  Not so much. 

Falinnheim can't be found on any map, so if you want to visit,

you're going to need a very special compass.

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